Why should people do business with Equal Partners? 

What do we believe? What is our cause? What do we do?

Casey Hart – finance broker & adviser

Casey Hart – finance broker & adviser

Danny Cremasco

Danny Cremasco – finance broker & adviser

We believe people should have control of their finances but too often they let others take control – whether it is through the lack of access and information or maybe they succumb to the power of advertising – let’s face it, financial products for both lending and investment are confusing. So many mixed marketing messages come to us through the news, advertising, friends and family but these  don’t address individual personal needs, wants and beliefs.

If you want control over your finances rather than delegating your personal business to a large institution, let us work with you to achieve and maintain your control.

We can do this! How? In 2007 when we started Equal Partners a fundamental principal was we would work directly with people to realise their lending needs and wants. We don’t have a preference for any particular lender or product as our recommendations will always come down to our client’s individual requirements.

Collectively we have many years experience working in finance and property and  at Equal Partnerswe work differently from many other finance organisations. We are totally focused on helping and working with our client and are answerable to no-one but our clients for our performance. We have no sales target to meet nor minimum quotas for a particular lender.

Equal Partners is the holder of an Australian Credit Licence. This means that we have met ASICs education, experience and compliance requirements.

All lenders are different ….  we  are accredited with over 15 credit providers and are experienced in all types of lending, including residential commercial, car and equipment finance leasing and hire purchase.  In addition to listening and targeted advice, one of our strengths is credit assessment – we understand credit and the different policies of lenders and mortgage insurers and will always pre-assess a scenario prior to submission to a lender to ensure that it will meet the assessment criteria and be approved.

We work with clients throughout the whole process. Right from the initial enquiry we share the excitement and work tirelessly  as our  client’s advocate to get it all done right and on time.

The greatest thrill in business life is sharing the experiences of our clients.We love the search for ‘the’ property; love helping  a client become a local area expert as they research the property market, the win at auctions and then of course the day of settlement when the property dream becomes a reality.

After the purchase is settled, we remain the first point of contact for all enquiries. In most cases, we can provide the answers to enquiries immediately or I have the contacts to get the answers and get the desired outcomes quickly.

We work with clients to secure residential and commercial lending, business finance, motor vehicle and equipment leases and finance.

We have  established a referral partnership with Scott Dawkins from Griffin Financial Services.  It is a requirement of my Australian Credit Licence to ensure I practice responsible lending and highlight the risks involved with a proposal and lending in general.  In many cases I have recommended to a borrower that they review their risk insurance position and it was important to me to have someone I was confident would look after my clients.

We welcome your call anytime to discuss how we can work together.  02 8006 5524 or email info@equalpartners.com.au